From: Erik P.
To: James Little
Subject: Bowdoin Directory and use of the private API
Wednesday, March 2, 2022 at 3:33 PM

Hey James,

I'm encouraged by your creativity with making your own Bowdoin Directory. But there is a reason why we put CORS restrictions on the API which you have handily bypassed with your reverse proxy. Our Directory takes some care in curating the data it displays and there are questions of privacy when that data is displayed in a way that it was not intended. We can get more creative on our side to restrict that access further, but I figured I'd start with a simple email your way to ask that you stop using it and our images. In a more perfect world, we'd have a solid public API for you to access, but that kind of project is not currently a priority.

So tldr; please stop using the Bowdoin Directory private API and images.

Erik P.
Information Technology
Bowdoin College